Races that can Learn this

This skill will give you extra PL and KI until you reach 15,000 in one of
them. After that, absorb turns into an attack that restores some PL and KI
while doing some damage. The accuracy is based on your UBS for Androids and
LBS for Bio-Androids.

Be sure to Absorb for the permanent bonus, then level afterwards.
After level 500, you can absorb any MOB or player without restriction.
The minimum Absorb can restore your PL/KI is your level/10.
Androids with Surge upgraded have a 1/4 chance to activate High Tension when using Absorb.
If you miss with Absorb, you will be lagged for 2 rounds.
Absorb will restore 1% Fatigue or Energy when used.
Focused Mind affects Absorb for Bio-Androids only.
Absorb can give [Pl +1](mob) [Pl +4](player) on use.

Damage Formula
Bio-Android Base Damage: str * 200 + (lbs + cha) * 200 + level
Android Base Damage: str * 200 + ubs * 200 + level

Base Max Absorb: 15,000 PL/KI
Upgrade 2.0 Max Absorb: 20,000 PL/KI
Upgrade 3.0 Max Absorb: 25,000 PL/KI
Upgrade Hellfighter Max Absorb: 30,000 PL/KI
Upgrade Super Hellfighter Max Absorb: 40,000 PL/KI

<Syntax> absorb <target>

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