Astral Dimensional Slash

Races that can Learn this

How to Learn
Using Brimstone Punch while in Makyo Eclipse will give you a rare chance to learn Astral Dimension Slash.

Astral Dimension Slash is the strongest ki attack a demon can learn but it
requires a slashing weapon to use. After learning how to imbue your weapon
with ki, you're able to break the astral dimension and use its hidden powers to
unleash waves of ki at your target.

Astral Dimension Slash is able to cut off an Oozaru player's tail causing them to revert.
While in Unleash Hatred and at 100 Rage, Astral Dimension Slash does increased damage.(str*500)
Astral Dimension Slash can give [Pl +4] [Ki +2] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 3,300 + int * 1,300 + level * 2
Unleash Hatred Damage: str * 6,900 + int * 2,000 + level * 2
Astral Dimension Slash can hit up to 6 times and no less than 3, it depends on your DEX.

Ki Cost
Required Ki: 300,000
Ki Cost Per Hit: 50,000

<Syntax> Astral <target>

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