Big Bang Kamehameha

Races that can Learn this

How to Learn
Using normal Big Bang while in SSJ 4 or higher will you give a rare chance to learn Big Bang Kamehameha.

Big Bang Kamehameha is the strongest ki attack a saiyan can learn. It's created by fusing Big Bang and Kamehameha together after years of training. With great power comes a huge cost in ki and decreased accuracy.

Big Bang Kamehameha has a 5% penalty to its accuracy.
While in SSJ Legendary at 100 Rage, Big Bang Kamehameha does increased damage.(str*500)
Big Bang Kamehameha can hit up to 6 times and no less than 3, it depends on your DEX.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 3,800 + int * 1,300 + level * 2
SSJ Legendary Damage: str * 6,500 + int * 2,000 + level * 2

Ki Cost
Required Ki: 250,000
Ki Cost Per Hit: 41,500

<syntax> bbk <mob/player name>

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