If you wish to have the Bloodlust flag set on you, that means you can PK
anyone who has the Bloodlust flag on them anywhere in the MUD. You can only
kill people with the Bloodlust flag outside of PK zones for any reason or no
reason at all. You still get the nonpk flag after being killed though.
If you kill someone without the Bloodlust flag outside of a PK zone, you will
be punished as the rules state.

So be warned, if you have the Bloodlust flag, anyone with that
flag can attack you at anytime.


You cannot attack someone who's Powerlevel is 50% weaker or stronger than you.
You can gain 10-30 PL/KI from killing another bloodlust player and +1 LP per level.
Type bloodlust on to activate this mode or off to turn it off.
You cannot turn off Bloodlust for 24 hours or turn it on 24 hours after you turned it off.
You have a 1/5 chance to get a Battle Token on a bloodlust kill.
The Heal skill is restricted from use from outsiders who aren't Bloodlust or holding a Dragonball in a PK battle.
You can't recall while Bloodlust.
You can't use Wimpy while Bloodlust.

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