Phish and Obi's Boss Run Shop!

Welcome to Obi and Phish's Boss run Shop! Below is a list of bosses and the price for killing each boss. Payment must be given before any run. You are paying just for loot drops!
Any essence/token drops belong to Phish and Obi!!!
(Note: if no gear drops then essence/tokens may be rolled on)

Contact Phish or Obi in-game if interested.

Boss Price
Assimilated Soldier 1 Ticket Each
Ragnarok 2 Tickets Each
Super Ildatch 2 Tickets Each
Super Ragnarok 3 Tickets Each
Blix 3 Tickets Each
Malev 3 Tickets Each
Beerus 3 Tickets Each
Lunancy 3 Tickets Each
Full Lunancy Run 1 Token Each

Phish and Obi have the right to refuse service to anyone if they see fit to do so.

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