Brimstone Punch

Races that can Learn this

This is a powerful upper body skill that only demons can use due to their
fire elemental powers. When used, the demon is able to draw in the heat from
the surrounding area and create a massive ball of lava around their fist of
choice. Unlike the other skills learned by demons, this one is able to draw
upon the powers of the Makyo Eclipse. Upper Body Strength is used to determine
the accuracy of this skill and it is a slight factor in damage.

When upgraded in Makyo Eclipse, Brimstone Punch will not turn into a knockdown attack.
Brimstone Punch has a 1/3 chance on use to enter High Tension mode when upgraded.
While in Unleash Hatred at 100 Rage, Brimstone Punch does increased damage.(str*300)
Using Brimstone Punch while in Makyo Eclipse gives you a small chance to learn Astral Dimension Slash.
Brimstone Punch can give [Pl +2] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 1,000 + ubs * 200 + level
Makyo Eclipse Damage: str * 3,500 + ubs * 300 + level

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 1,000
Makyo Eclipse Ki Cost: 6,500

<Syntax> Brimstone <target>

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