Chou Kamehameha

Races that can Learn this

Chou Kamehameha is an upgraded type of the Kamehameha blast. It starts out much like Kamehameha in that the hand movements are the same, but a large kiball forms in the cupped hands of the user, and from this kiball in the hands the blast flies forth. It is an incredibly powerful and destructive kiblast capable of leveling entire cities.

Chou Kamehameha does increased damage to targets with Barrier.(str*6,000 + level)

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 1,580 + int * 590 + level * 2
Perfect Ultra Damage: str * 2,620 + int * 1,300 + level * 2

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 12,400
Perfect Ultra Ki Cost: 30,000

<syntax> choukamehameha <mob/player name>

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