Each race currently has 2 classes they get to pick from. These classes will
usually increase your damage, healing, add more damage reduction or give some
extra avoidance. At level 1,000, you are free to pick your class but you
cannot change your class after picking it until further notice. Classes are
meant to help determine your role as a damage dealer, tank, healer or support.
At the moment classes are in BETA and not all of them are fully released. As
the classes are complete, notes of what each do will be put in this set of
help files. If a class is not mentioned in this set of help files, that
means that class is not completed yet.

You cannot remove your class while your NOQUIT is active from a recent PK battle.
You cannot change your class while in combat.
You cannot change your class while affected by any offensive focus skill.
Changing your class costs your level * 5 in zenni.
Removing your class will debuff your focus skills.

<Syntax> class <class name>

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