Crusher Ball

Races that can Learn this

Crusher Ball is a powerful attack that was created by Jeice. It is used by
forming a red ball of ki in your palm and throwing it like a baseball at your

Crusher Ball does increased damage if you're flying.(str*1,000 + level)
Mutants using Crusher Ball while in Perfection have a rare chance to learn Grand Smasher.
When you're flying and using Flash Bomber on a MOB, you have a 25% chance to recover quickly.
Crusher Ball can give [Pl +2] [Ki +3] on use.

Damage Formula

Base Damage: str * 1,500 + int * 620 + level * 2
Mutate Perfection Damage: str * 3,500 + int * 1,500 + level * 2

Crusher Ball always hits 3 times.
Crusher Ball's damage formula also includes other variables not included above.

Ki Cost
Required Ki: 50,000
Ki Cost: 50,000

<Syntax> Crusherball <target>

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