Darkness Blaster

Races that can Learn this

How to Learn
Nameks using Masenko while in Snamek 2 or
higher have a rare chance to learn Darkness Blaster.

Darkness Blaster is considered to be the strongest mouth ki attack known.
It was created by Lord Slug and used in his giant form. When used, a massive
wave of yellow ki is discharged from the user's mouth that gets stronger the
longer the beam is kept active.

Darkness Blaster's second hit is based on your Critical %.
Darkness Blaster's second hit will not activate if your target's PL is lower than the second hit's damage.
Darkness Blaster has a 1/8 chance to activate High Tension.
Darkness Blaster gets bonus damage from Focused Mind, your level * 2.5.
Darkness Blaster can give [Pl +2] [Ki +5] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage(first hit): str * 1,200 + int * 1,000 + level * 2
Base Damage(second hit): str * 1,500 + int * 1,500 + level * 2
Snamek Guardian Damage(first hit): str * 1,800 + int * 2,400 + level * 2
Snamek Guardian Damage(second hit): str * 2,500 + int * 2,500 + level * 2

Ki Cost
Ki Cost(first hit): 50,000
Ki Cost(second hit): 200,000

<Syntax> darkness <target>

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