Dragon Assault Slash

Races that can Learn this

This the most powerful sword skill ever used by a Konatsu. A green aura appears around your sword and just before you slash an image of a green dragon appears and attacks with you. When the blade hits the mob/player an explosion of pure energy from the dragon and you hit the mob/player. To use this skill you must be wielding a sword or blade.

While in Vanished Moon, Dragon Assault Slash does increased damage. (str*500 + level)
Dragon Assault Slash can hit up to 6 times, it depends on your DEX.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 2,200 + int * 600 + level * 2
Skonatsu Shadow Damage: str * 4,600 + int * 1,700 + level * 2

Ki Cost
Required Ki: 50,000
Ki Cost Per Hit: 7,000

<syntax> dragonassaultslah <mob/player name>

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