Races that can Learn this

Eraser cannon is basically a powerful kiblast from the mouth of the user. This can be quite a useful and powerful skill. Some people who have used this skill include Nappa, Recoome, and others. This attack is also the perfered attack of Oozarus. This is one of the most diverse attacks as far as names are but one factor remains common, and thats its a blast from the mouth.

While in Oozaru, Eraser Cannon does increased damage.(str*1,500)
While in SSJ Legendary or Mystic SSJ at 100 Rage, Eraser Cannon does increased damage.(str*500)
While in Mutate 2, Eraser Cannon does increased damage to anyone affected by Glacial Freeze.(str*6,000)
While in Makyo Eclipse, Eraser Cannon does increased damage.(str*1,500)
Changelings using Eraser Cannon while in Dragon gives them a rare chance to learn Blaster Meteor.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 1,100 + int * 300 + level * 2
Evolve Sapphire Damage: str * 1,500 + int * 600 + level * 2
Mutate 2 Damage: str * 1,500 + int * 600 + level * 2
Change Dragon: str * 2,100 + int * 1,100 * 2

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 3,800
Mutate 2/Evolve Sapphire Ki Cost: 9,000
Change Dragon Ki Cost: 12,000

<syntax> erasercannon <mob/player name>

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