Races that can Learn this

How to Learn
Using Final Flash while in SSJ 2 or higher will give you a rare chance
to learn Final Shine.

Final Shine is an upgraded version of Final Flash that was created by
Vegeta. Final Shine is used in a very similar fashion as Final Flash is used
but the ki is green instead of yellow. The beam created by Final Shine is much
larger than Final Flash but slightly weaker unless the user is stronger than
normal. With its increased radius, Final Shine is able to hit up
to 3 targets and it is usable every round.

While in SSJ Legendary at 100 Rage, Final Shine does increased damage.(str*1,000)
Final Shine does increased damage when you're under 50% PL.(damroll*200)
Final Shine only requires 90 Focus to have a 100% hit rate.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 1,000 + int * 400 + level
Level 3,000+ Damage: str * 1,600 + int * 700 + level * 2

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 13,000 per target hit

<Syntax> finalshine

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