Flash Freeze

Races that can Learn this


A Kanassan's control over water has evolved to a point where a select few
have managed to manipulate the moisture in the air, supercool it, and send
forth a bone chilling shockwave of frost at an unsuspecting victim. This
chilling blast has a chance of leaving the target frozen, hampering their
movements and leaving them vulnerable to a number of water-based attacks.
Kanassans using Hydro Cannon while in Skanassan Spirit have a very rare chance
of learning Flash Freeze.


Flash Freeze only requires 95 Focus to have a 100% hit rate.
Flash Freeze has a 20% chance to Glacial Freeze your target.
When your target is hit with Glacial Freeze and you are below 15% fatigue, you will gain 15% fatigue.
When your target is hit with Glacial Freeze and you are above 15% fatigue, you will gain 5% fatigue.
Flash Freeze does increased damage to targets who are under the affects of Telekinesis.(str*5,500)
Flash Freeze gets bonus damage from Focused Mind, your level * 2.

Damage Formula

Base Damage: str * 2,500 + int * 1,500 + level * 2
Skanassan Revival Damage: str * 4,500 + int * 2,200 + level * 2

Ki Cost

Base Ki Cost: 55,000
Skanassan Revival Ki Cost: 125,000
Focused Mind/Skanassan Revival Ki Cost: 200,000

<Syntax> Flashfreeze <target>

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