Focused Mind

Focused Mind is a state one can achieve that allows for greater manipulation
of ki energies. Certain weaker ki attacks have a chance to trigger focused
mind mode. The weakest ki attacks have a 1/2 chance, while tier 2 attacks have
a 1/3 chance, and tier 3 attacks have a 1/4 chance. While in focused mind, the
next higher tier ki attack that you use will be much stronger, but also take
more ki. The damage of the stronger ki attack will be increased by your level * 1.5,
and the ki cost will be increased by your level. Multi-hit attacks are also strengthened by this.

Focused Mind increases the amount healed with Heal by your level.

Ki Attack Tiers
Tier 1: Kishot, Galick Gun, Beam, Kikouha
Tier 2: Shogekiha, Tsuihidan, Kamehameha, Masenko, Finger Laser, Wolf Fang Fist, Bang Beam
Tier 3: Brimstone Punch, Tidal Wave Kick, Finish Buster, Finalflash, Destructo Disk, Special Beam Cannon, Eye Laser, Kakusandan, Rune Fire Slash, Rocket Punch, Eraser Cannon, Solar Kamehameha
Any ki attack not found on this list will be affected by focused mind.
AOE ki attacks are not affected by focused mind.

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