Form Sword

Races that can Learn this

This is a useful skill that creates a sword or blade for you to use. As you level up,
you'll be able to create stronger weapons.

Weapon List
Below Level 500: Energy Sword(konatsu, demon, arlian)
Level 500-2,999: Shadow Energy Sword(konatsu), Demonic Energy Sword(demon)
Level 3,000-6,999: Nightfall Blade(konatsu), Hellfire Naginata(demon)
Level 7,000-11,999: Shadowed Moon Blade(konatsu), Cursed Legion Naginata(demon)
Level 12,000-19,999: Serpent Spirit Sword(konatsu), Fiery Makyo Sword(demon)
Level +20,000: Vanished Nightfall Blade(konatsu), Cursed Hellfire Naginata(demon)

<Syntax> focus 'formsword'

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