Glacial Freeze

Races that can Learn this

To use this skill, you must focus your mind on the air around you and
lower its temperature at an extremely fast rate. When the air is below
freezing, you send forth a shockwave of ki in all directions that freezes
everything in its path. This skill requires a large amount of ki to use and it
gives fatigue each use. When used on another player it will slow their
movement while moving around to 1/2 a round of lag each move.

Changelings are immune to Glacial Freeze.
You gain 15 fatigue with each use.
You cannot Recall or Self-Destruct while under the affects of Glacial Freeze.
Glacial Freeze lowers your target's Dexterity by 15.
Glacial Freeze lowers your target's Focus by 5.
Targets affected by Glacial Freeze receive increased damage from Tidal Wave Kick, Hydro Cannon and Tsunami.

Glacial Freeze gives [+3 Ki] on use.

<Syntax> Focus 'glacial' <target>

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