Half Breed

Half-Breeds are not just a simple mix of any two races. They are,
more specifically, half Human and half Saiyan. Half-Breeds, for the
most part, live on Earth. Like Saiyans, they are born with a tail.
Also, like their Saiyan parents, they have the ability to become a
Super Saiyan. They also have the ability to transform into an Oozaru
at the sight of a full moon as long as they still have their tail.
Rumor has it that Half-Breeds are unable to reach up to the higher
levels of Super Saiyan, though the fact that they are half Human as
well helps calm themselves and focus on a Mystic inner power.

Role: Attack

Skill List

Focus List

Level 600 - Super Saiyan 1: + 25k PL/25k KI
Level 2,000 - Super Saiyan 2: + 75k PL/75k KI
Level 9,000 - Mystic Powerup: + 200k PL/200k KI
Level 20,000 - Final Mystic: + 200k PL/200k KI
Level 30,000 - Mystic SSJ: + 200k PL/200k KI

While in Mystic SSJ and at 100 Focus, you'll do an extra str*1,000 in damage with your upgraded ki attacks.
Half-Breeds transform using the SSJ and Mystic commands.

Bonuses and Skill Upgrades
PL: 5, KI: 5 Random Pl/Ki Gains on Mob kills
Half-Breeds under 50% powerlevel have an increased chance for a PL Bonus and at double the amount.
Half-Breeds in Oozaru learn Eraser Cannon for the duration of it.

Skill Upgrades in SSJ 1: Kamehameha.
Skill Upgrades in SSJ 2: Finish Buster.
Skill Upgrades in Mystic: Kakusandan.
Skill Upgrades in Final Mystic: Masenko and Ultimate Masenko.
Skill Upgrades in Mystic SSJ: Burning Attack, Brave Cannon, and learn Swiftness.

Shield Block
Level 1-4,999: 11% shield block
Level 5,000-14,999: 12% shield block
Level 15,000-29,999: 13% shield block
Level 30,000-49,999: 14% shield block
Level 50,000-74,999: 16% shield block
Level 75,000+: 18% shield block

Having the Swiftness skill active will give you a 25,000 damage bonus to Slashing weapons.
Half-Breeds above level 500 get a 2,500 damage bonus to Crushing weapons.

Unlocked at level 500 see this page for more info.

Berserker: max damage cap for auto-hits increased by 10,000, High Tension does increased damage when you're below 60% pl, increased damage with Eraser Cannon/Masenko/Ultimate Masenko, +3% melee hit rate

Monk: increased damage with Burning Attack, Brave Cannon, Wolf Fang Fist and Finish Buster, Wolf Fang Fist learned

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