Healing Song

Races that can Learn this

This is a skill only konatsus can use to heal themselves and others.
You must be holding an ocarina to use this skill. Every 30 seconds it will heal you
for the amount shown below in the heal formula. The duration of this song is
based upon your wisdom. The duration and amount healed is based on the caster.

Healing Song will heal you every 30 seconds.
Healing Song will also increase your base KI regen rate.
Konatsus affected by Healing Song have a 3% chance to avoid damage and restore PL equal to 1/15 of their level.
You have a 33% chance to gain 2-4 fatigue each time you use Healing Song.

Heal Formula
Heal Formula(each tick): cha * 350 + str * 350 + level + (1,000 + 100-5,000)

Ki Cost
Ki Cost Formula: charisma * 90

<Syntax> focus 'healing' <target>

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