Races that can Learn this

Hellfire is a very powerful fire based ki attack that only demons can use. This
ki attack turns your ki into fire that erupts around your target.

Hellfire does increased damage if your Karma is Evil or below.(str*1,500 + level)
While in Unleash Hatred at 100 Rage, Hellfire does increased damage.
Hellfire can give [Pl +4] [Ki +1] on use.

Damage Formula

Base Damage: str * 1,900 + int * 620 + level * 2
Unleash Hatred Damage: str * 3,900 + int * 1,600 + level * 2
Hell Fire can hit up to 4 times, it depends on your DEX.
Hellfire's damage formula also includes other variables not included above.

Ki Cost
Required Ki: 50,000
Ki Cost Per Hit: 10,000

<Syntax> Hellfire <target>

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