High Tension


High Tension is a mode of heightened awareness. Races using favored skills
(upgraded abilities) have a 1/5 chance on use to enter High Tension mode to
perform a powerful follow-up physical attack. Multi-Hit ki attacks like Spirit Bomb
have a 1/10 chance to enter High Tension mode. Either Elbow, Knee, Roundhouse,
Uppercut, Tailwhip or Throw will be supercharged and cost additional ki to use.
Once a High Tension move has been used once, the player will no longer be in
High Tension until it is reactivated. (Combo and Critical versions of Roundhouse
and Uppercut take precedence over High Tension, but will not use up the mode
until the High Tension version has been executed.)

High Tension Elbow, Knee, Roundhouse and Uppercut have half the lag of their normal version.

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