Infused Kamehameha

Races that can Learn this

Using both hands, the user forms a special ki into each of their hands.
The ki color is a translucent white around one hand, and black around the
other. The two energies spiral around and up the users hands and arm. After
the ki is concentrated enough, the user cups his hands and fuses the ki, which
will become a brilliant teal color. The spiraling energy is then released as
the user incants the spirit energy, shouting "Infused Kamehameha." The energy
released is an explosive beam of ki that can destroy anything in its path.

Infused Kamehameha does increased damage to Elemental MOBs.(str*1,000)
Infused Kamehameha does increased damage when you're over 90% ki.(int*1,000 + level)
Infused Kamehameha can give [Pl +4] [Ki +1] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 1,600 + cha * 650 + level * 2
Perfect Beyond Damage: str * 3,800 + cha * 1,600 + level * 2

Infused Kamehameha can hit up to 4 times, it depends on your DEX.
Infused Kamehameha's damage formula also includes other variables not included above.
Ki Cost
Required Ki: 60,000
Ki Cost Per Hit: 12,500

<Syntax> infusedkamehameha <target>

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