Races that can Learn this

This is a majin ability that allows you to ingest NPCs to increase their max
powerlevel and ki until you reach 15,000 ki. After 15k ki, ingest turns into
an attack that deals damage and restores some of your ki by ingesting them.

Bonuses & Notes
Learn Ingest first and use it until you reach 15,000 ki, then start leveling.
When a player is ingested, their ki will be drained equal to the amount restored by the user.
To use Ingest after 15,000 ki, Zanzoken must be focused.
Ingest can give [Ki +1] (mob) [Ki +4](player) on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 100 + cha * 50 + level * 2
Morph Evil Damage: str * 700 + cha * 150 + level * 2

Ki Restoration
Ki Restored: str * int
Morph Evil Ki Restored: str * int + cha * 40

<Syntax> Ingest <target>

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