In the series, kaios are the gods of each universe, ruling each quadrant.
For the sake of balance, they are mortals on DBE but they retain their main
abilities. They are considered one of the best healers but their main strength
has to do with manipulation. They are also telepathic, meaning they can talk
to anyone from afar.

Role: Defensive

Skill List

Focus List

Level 500 - Super Kaio Grand: + 25k PL/50k KI
Level 2,400 - Super Kaio Kaioshin: + 75k PL/75k KI
Level 6,000 - Super Kaio Daikaioshin: + 75k PL/100k KI
Level 18,000 - Super Kaio Ancient: + 200k PL/175k KI
Level 30,000 - Super Kaio ElderMystic: + 175k PL/275k KI

While in Super Kaio Elder Mystic, you'll get an extra 6 Hit/Damroll.
Kaios Transform using the Skaio command.

Bonuses and Skill Upgrades
PL: 5, KI: 5 Random Pl/Ki Gains on Mob kills
Kaios don't need to wear a scouter to send tells.

Skill Upgrades in Kaioshin: Heal
Skill Upgrades in Daikaioshin: Renzo Energy Dan.
Skill Upgrades in Ancient: Psychic Blast and Heavenly Rain.
Skill Upgrades in Mystic: Spirit Bomb.

Shield Block
Level 1-4,999: 11% shield block
Level 5,000-14,999: 12% shield block
Level 15,000-29,999: 13% shield block
Level 30,000-49,999: 14% shield block
Level 50,000-74,999: 16% shield block
Level 75,000+: 18% shield block

While in Super Kaio Grand, you'll get a 17,000 damage bonus to Crushing weapons
Kaios above level 500 get a 2,500 damage bonus to Bludgeoning weapons.

Unlocked at level 500 see this page for more info.

Priest: stronger Heal(+level), increased Heavenly Rain damage and heal, increased ki regen

Templar: extra avoidance if using a shield that restores pl and ki(+4% total avoidance), increased Psychic Blast damage, increased Divine Shield Rush damage and increased damage reduction if in High Tension 2.35

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