Races that can Learn this

How to Learn
If you have the Northern Orb quest item on you then you can say 'teach me' to North Kaio and he will spawn Kaioken King Kai one to the south. Kaioken King Kai will randomly use kaioken on you during the fight and you have a very small chance to learn it when you are struck. After a certain amount of time Kaioken King Kai will despawn and you must go about spawning him again.

Kaioken is an ability that you may use to buff yourself in combat. To
trigger kaioken, you simply activate the ability and it will begin taking
effect. Kaioken will constantly drain ki while it is active, in return for
giving the user an extra attack in combat. This can result in 3 attacks per
round if coupled with a Rage Burst attack. The longer you stay in kaioken, the
higher level of the ability you will reach, and the more ki it will drain. Ki
is drained every 4 seconds at a steady rate, and you reach a new level of
Kaioken every minute. There are 6 levels of Kaioken before the ki drain per 4
seconds maxes out. If you drop below 5% of your maximum ki during kaioken, you
will explode and die without warning. You cannot swallow a senzu bean while in
kaioken, and when you come out of kaioken the 10 minute senzu bean timer will take
effect. You must be at max ki to use kaioken.


Each level of Kaioken will increase the max damage cap of your auto-hits by 1,000.

Each level of Kaioken when used by a Kaio will increase the damage of their Elbow, Knee, Uppercut and Roundhouse.

Ki Cost

Kaioken 1 takes .3% ki every 4 seconds
Kaioken 2 takes .5% ki every 4 seconds
Kaioken 3 takes .7% ki every 4 seconds
Kaioken 4 takes .9% ki every 4 seconds
Kaioken 5 takes 1.2% ki every 4 seconds
Kaioken 6-10 takes 1.5% ki every 4 seconds

<syntax> kaioken (using again wll turn it off)

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