Races that can Learn this

Master Roshi was the first to use this technique, which Goku learned from
him. It is used by focusing a massive amount of ki between two cupped hands,
placed to the side of one's body. When the desired amount of ki is reached one
moves the hands infront of them and releases the energy in a concentrated beam.


Kamehameha in base form will cause any player targets to gain 1 fatigue when hit.
When a Half-Breed is in SSJ 1 or 2, Kamehameha will cause any player targets to gain 3 fatigue when hit.
When a Saiyan is in SSJ 3 or higher, Kamehameha will cause any player targets to gain 3 fatigue when hit.
If your target has 70% fatigue or higher, Kamehameha will not cause them to gain anymore fatigue.
While in Mystic Powerup or higher, Kamehameha won't cause the fatigue gain on any players hit.
While in SSJ Legendary at 100 Rage, Kamehameha does increased damage.(str*1,000)
While in Mystic SSJ at 100 Focus, Kamehameha does increased damage.(str*1,000)
Kamehameha can give [Pl +1] [Ki +1] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 600 + int * 300 + level
SSJ 1(Half-Breed) Damage: str * 1,400 + int * 600 + level * 2
SSJ 3(Saiyan) Damage: str * 2,400 + int * 900 + level * 2

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 1,800
SSJ 1(Half-Breed) Ki cost: 6,600
SSJ 3(Saiyan) Ki cost: 16,000

<Syntax> kamehameha <target>

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