Races that can Learn this

If used successfully, the user of this attack bashes an opponent with their knee. The attack has about a 35% chance of hitting a Majin. Damage and Accuracy are decided by Lower Body Strength.

When you reach Demi-God rank, your Knee does increased damage.(str*500)
Kaios in Kaioken do increased damage with Knee.(level 1: damroll * 50, + damroll * 25 levels 2-5)
Knees that are not High Tension or Criticals have a 5% chance to do double damage.
Knee can give [Pl +1] on use.

Damage Formula
Knee Base Damage: str * 40 + lbs * 100 + level + 1,000 / 4.2
High Tension Knee Damage: str * 1,000 + lbs * 800 + level * 2.5

Ki Cost
High Tension Knee Ki Cost: level / 7

<syntax> knee <mob/player name>

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