Konatsu are an agile race that comes from the planet Konack. They resemble elves with mohawks. Their power and skill with a sword is unmatched. They are the only race that can imbue power into a sword and turn invisible. In other words, they are much like a ninja in DBZ.

Skill List

Focus List

Level 600 - Super Konatsu 1: + 25k PL/25k KI
Level 2,000 - Super Konatsu 2: + 75k PL/75k KI
Level 4,500 - Super Konatsu 3: + 75k PL/75k KI
Level 8,500 - Super Konatsu 4: + 100k PL/100k KI
Level 23,000 - Super Konatsu Shadow: + 275k PL/275k KI
Konatus Transform using the Skonatsu command

Bonuses and Upgrades
PL: 5, KI: 5, Dex: 2 Random Pl/Ki/Dex Gains on Mob kills
No Dexterity Loss on death.
Ability to enter Vanished Moon at certain times.
Konatsus do not suffer a movement penalty while moving through a forest.
Skill Upgrades in Super Konatsu Second: Rune Fire Slash
Skill Upgrades in Super Konatsu Third: Renzo Energy Dan
Skill Upgrades in Super Konatsu Fourth: Moon Dance Slash
Skill Upgrades in Super Konatsu Shadow: Dragon Assault Slash and Twin Tiger Slash
Konatsus in Super Konatsu Shadow get an extra 11 Hitroll and Damroll.

Shield Block
Level 1-4,999: 8% shield block
Level 5,000-14,999: 9% shield block
Level 15,000-29,999: 10% shield block
Level 30,000-49,999: 11% shield block
Level 50,000-74,999: 13% shield block
Level 75,000+: 14% shield block

Ocarinas are musical instruments used by Konatsus to play magical songs that can either heal or protect them from harm. If a Konatsu is holding an ocarina in combat, they will have a 3% chance to miss instead of the default 5% to miss. Other races holding an ocarina will only benefit from the stats on the item. Konatsus have an extra 2% chance to hit while holding an ocarina.

Spirit Enchantments
Tiger Spirit: Costs 2,000 LP and adds 45,000 damage to your slashing weapon attack.
Serpent Spirit: Costs 10,000 LP and adds 55,000 damage to your slashing weapon attack.

The damage from the spirits stack for a total of 100,000 damage when both are learned.

Konatsus require a Slashing weapon in order to get the damage bonus from their Spirit Enchantments.

Unlocked at level 500 see this page for more info.

Assassin: Moon Dance Slash and Dragon Assault Slash do more damage if your target is below 50% pl, +3% melee hit rate

Bard: increased healing for Healing Song level * 1, Tranquil Song no longer gives fatigue and increased Healing Song avoidance +2% and heal level/5

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