Makyo Eclipse

This happens when the Makyo Star comes near a Demon or Mutant during its
orbit. The Makyo Star gives these two races an extra power boost that causes
their body to triple in size. When the Makyo Star leaves, the Demon/Mutant's
power and size will return to normal.

Requirements for Makyo form

  • 75 Focus or higher
  • It must be between 7 PM and 6 AM for you to achieve Makyo Eclipse.
  • Transformation is achieved randomly after killing a mob (Rare)
  • If you die or logout you will revert from Makyo Eclipse.

Makyo Eclipse gives 75k pl/ki
While in Makyo Eclipse, a demon's Brimstone Punch will do more damage.
While active, Eraser Cannon has an extra 1,500 * str added to its damage formula.

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