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Masenko is a technique originally developed by Piccolo. The user puts his palms
just above his head, with his fingers interlocking, and charges a blast that
fires from the hands of the user toward the target upon shouting out Masenko.
It was used by Gohan for a long time untill he learned and switched over to
Kamehameha to be more like his dad, Goku.


When a half-breed is in Mystic Final or higher, Masenko will cause any player targets to gain 3 fatigue when hit.
If your target has 70% fatigue or higher, Masenko will not cause them to gain anymore fatigue.
Masenko does increased damage to targets with Barrier.(str*4,000 + level)
While in Mystic SSJ at 100 Rage, Masenko does increased damage.(str*1,000)
Masenko has a 1/3 chance on use to enter High Tension mode when upgraded for Nameks.
Nameks using Masenko in Snamek 2 or higher gives them a small chance to learn Darkness Blaster.
Half-Breeds using Masenko gives them a moderate chance to learn Ultimate Masenko.
Masenko can give [Pl +1] [Ki +1] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 750 + int * 200 + level
Snamek 2 Damage: str * 2,300 + int * 900 + level * 2
Mystic Final Damage: str * 2,900 + int * 1,500 + level * 2

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 2,000
Snamek 2 Ki Cost: 12,000
Mystic Final Ki Cost: 21,000

<Syntax> masenko <target>

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