Multi Destructo Disk

Races that can Learn this

This is a powerful version of the normal Destructo Disk but with four of
them used in succession. The disks can easily home in on their targets and hit
multiple at once. Krillin originally made this ki attack popular in DBZ during
the Frieza Saga by throwing multiple Destructo Disks at Frieza and actually
harming him. Unlike its single version, it cannot cut off the tail of an
Oozaru. The disks are able to hit to 5 targets.

Multi Destructo Disk only requires 85 Focus to have a 100% hit rate.
Multi Destructo Disk does increased damage to Undead MOBs.(str*1,000)
Multi Destructo Disk does increased damage to targets with 10% powerlevel or lower.(level*2)

Damage Formula
Human Base Damage: str * 400 + int * 250 + level
Bio-Android Base Damage: str * 800 + int * 550 + level
Shuman Ascended Base Damage: str * 900 + int * 950 + level

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 6,750 per target hit

<Syntax> multi

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