Mutants have many appearances and qualities unique to them.
Mutating their skin to become stronger is but a part of their power, they also
have a technique called eraser cannon, a charged beam of ki they release from
their mouths, and crusher ball, an intense magnified ball of ki. Both are
devastating attacks, coupled with their ability to mutate into much stronger
forms when they have gained enough strength, mutants can be a force of great

Role: All Around

Click here to see a Damage Calculator for a Mutant's Ki Attacks

Skill List

Focus List

Level 600 - Mutate First: + 25k PL/25k KI
Level 2,500 - Mutate Second: + 50k PL/50k KI
Level 7,000 - Mutate Third: + 100k PL/100k KI
Level 12,000 - Mutate Fourth: + 100k PL/100k KI
Level 26,000 - Mutate Perfection: + 300k PL/250k KI

While in Mutate Perfection, you'll get an extra 10 Hit/Damroll.
Mutants Transform using the Mutate command.

Bonuses and Skill Upgrades
PL: 5, KI: 5 Random Pl/Ki Gains on Mob kills
Mutants do not get reduced PL regen when Poisoned.
Mutants have a chance of entering the rare Makyo Eclipse transformation.

Skill Upgrades in Makyo Eclipse: Eraser Cannon and Grand Smasher.
Skill Upgrades in Mutate 2: Eraser Cannon.
Skill Upgrades in Mutate 3: Renzo Energy Dan.
Skill Upgrades in Mutate 4: Corrosive Claw and Galactic Buster.
Skill Upgrades in Mutate Perfection: Kakusandan and Crusher Ball

Shield Block
Level 1-4,999: 10% shield block
Level 5,000-14,999: 11% shield block
Level 15,000-29,999: 12% shield block
Level 30,000-49,999: 13% shield block
Level 50,000-74,999: 15% shield block
Level 75,000+: 17% shield block

While in Mutate 1, you'll get a 25,000 damage bonus to Claw weapons.
Mutants above level 500 get a 3,000 damage bonus to Crushing weapons.

Unlocked at level 500 see this page for more info.

Brawler: max damage cap for auto-hits increased by 5,000, increased High Tension damage, increased damage with Milky Cannon and increased damage reduction 2.3

Soldier: increased damage with Eraser Cannon/Crusher Ball, +2% shield block and +2% melee hit rate

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