Nova Sphere

Races that can Learn this

Nova Sphere is a special skill that was created by Nuova Shenron. The user
is able to heat up the air around them while drawing in any ki in the area.
The ki is then heated and condensed to the point of exploding before it is
released from their body. The outcome is a massive sphere of blazing hot ki
that is able to incinerate up to 8 targets and it is usable every round.

Nova Sphere further increases the bonus damage from Group Infusion to str * 400.
Nova Sphere only requires 90 Focus to have a 100% hit rate.

Damage Formula
Changeform Shenron Damage: str * 1,500 + cha * 200 + int * 500 + level

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost 12,000 per target hit

<Syntax> nova

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