Were-monkey transformation in any Saiyan or Half-Breed who looks directly into it. This transformed state increases power greatly, but at the cost of control. It takes heightened concentration and control to keep the mind from being reducing to a primitive state - where it will desire only to destroy and kill anything in sight.

75 Rage or higher
It must be between 7 PM and 6 AM for you to turn Oozaru.
Transformation is achieved randomly after killing a mob (Rare)
If you die, logout or have your tail cut off, you will revert from Oozaru.

Oozaru gives 7000 Pl and Ki.
While active, Eraser Cannon has an extra (1,500 * str) added to its damage formula.
While active, Chaos Bomb has an extra (500 * str) added to its damage formula.
Saiyans in Oozaru get a 12,500 damage bonus to Crushing weapons.
Type Orevert to revert from Oozaru.
You are not allowed to cut off an Oozaru's tail unless it's a legal PK, like Bloodlust or being in a PK zone.

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