Races that can Learn this

This is a skill that poisons the other player and stays on that player
until they find a way to remove it. It removes the player's STR and hitroll/damroll by
a good amount. This is to be only used in a PK zone unless you are using it
before a Bloodlust fight or if the player is part of a bounty.

You gain 12 fatigue with each use.
Poison will take away powerlevel every 30 seconds.
Poison takes away 75 hitroll and 5 str when used on another player or MOB.
Every 30 seconds Poison on a player damages up to 1/15 of their max powerlevel.
Every 30 seconds Poison on a MOB damages up to their level/2.5 in powerlevel.

Androids and Saibas are immune to Poison.
Truffles who are poisoned get half the PL restored from Shield Blocks.
When Poisoned, you can't use Regenerate.

Poison gives [+3 Ki] on use.

<Syntax> focus 'poison' <target>

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