Prismatic Bomb

Races that can Learn this

Prismatic Bomb is a small area attack created by changelings in which they
use either bright sunlight or moonlight to create a multi-colored ball of ki.
The ball of ki is usually shot with another smaller ki ball to cause it to
explode in a violent explosion of prismatic colors. The explosion caused by
this attack is able to hit up to 5 targets and it is usable every round.

During the hours of 12 am through 3 pm, Prismatic Bomb will do increased damage.

Damage Formula
Base Damage(4pm-11pm): str * 700 + cha * 100 + level
Base Damage(12am-3pm): str * 1,100 + cha * 250 + level
Changeform Dragon Damage(4pm-11pm): str * 1,300 + cha * 400 + level
Changeform Dragon Damage(12am-3pm): str * 1,600 + cha * 700 + level

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 7,000 per target hit

<Syntax> prismatic

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