Raise Dead

Races that can Learn this

This is a special skill that only demons can learn. You can only raise the
corpse of a dead MOB or player. When used it will raise an undead minion
depending on your level to help you in battle. These minions work great as
meatshields, decoys and extra damage. To have them assist you in battle type
"order zombie assist <yourname>" or "order all assist <yourname>".

Undead Level Requirements
Level 1: Blood Zombie
Level 1,000: Vile Zombie
Level 3,000: Bone Zombie
Level 5,000: Skeleton Knight
Level 10,000: Ogre Skeleton
Level 20,000: Dragon Skeleton
Level 30,000: Nightmare Lich
Level 50,000: Cursed Brimstone Gargoyle

AOE attacks like Chaos Bomb cannot hit your minions.
Raise Dead has a 10% chance to fail raising a corpse.
Minions cannot get the killing blow on a MOB or player.
Raise Dead has half the lag of a normal focus skill.
You can only raise 3 undead creatures at once and they will not transport with you.

<Syntax> focus 'raise' corpse

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