Renzoku Energy Dan

Races that can Learn this

This is a ki ball technique where the user charges multiple ki shots and throws them in a large area. Each of the ki shots are very similar in power to a basic ki shot but with practice they can be made stronger. The shower of ki shots from using Renzo Energy Dan is able to hit up to 5 targets.

Renzo Energy Dan will not work on any other players, even if they're Bloodlust.
Renzo Energy Dan gets half the bonus damage from Group Infusion.(str*100)

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 300 + int * 100 + level/2
Transformed Damage: str * 400 + int * 150 + level

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 500 per target hit
Transformed Ki Cost: 1,000 per target hit

<syntax> renzo <Target not required, skill is an aoe>

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