Rune Fire Slash

Races that can Learn this

Rune Fire Slash is a sword skill used by konatsus and arlians. When used, a fiery ki is charged into your weapon and a flaming red aura appears around it causing burning damage to anyone cut by it. This slashing attack can cut the tail off an oozaru forcing it to revert. To use Rune Fire Slash, you must be wielding a slashing type weapon.

Rune Fire Slash does extra damage to Kanassans(players only).
Rune Fire Slash is able to cut off an Oozaru player's tail causing them to revert.
When upgraded in Skonatsu 2, Rune Fire Slash will not turn into a knockdown attack.
While in Vanished Moon, Rune Fire Slash does increased damage.(str*500)
Rune Fire Slash does increased damage if you're not holding a shield and an Arlian.(str*500)

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 680 + int * 300 + level(if attacking a Kanassan: str * 2,200)
Skonatsu 2/Metamorph Beast Damage: str * 2,200 + int * 850 + level(if attacking a Kanassan: str * 3,600)

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 3,800
Skonatsu 2/Metamorph Beast Ki Cost: 8,500

<syntax> runefireslash <mob/player name>

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