Saibas are small beings that were formed by planting small seeds and
watering them. They have the ability to evolve and are usually a blue or green
color. Acid spray, one of their abilities, covers its victim in a very
powerful burning spray. Created by the saiyans, they were produced but
expensive. They never populated an area and have mostly lived on planet Vegeta
when they survived their masters desires.

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Role: All Around

Skill List

Focus List


Level 300 - Evolve Jade: + 25k PL/25k KI
Level 2,000 - Evolve Sapphire: + 50k PL/50k KI
Level 5,000 - Evolve Ruby: + 125k PL/25k KI
Level 10,000 - Evolve Diamond: + 150k PL/100k KI
Level 18,000 - Evolve Star Sapphire: + 100k PL/100k KI
Level 26,000 - Evolve Solar Onyx: + 200k PL/150k KI

While in Evolve Diamond, you'll learn the Toxic Spit skill.
While in Evolve Solar Onyx, you'll get an extra 7 Hit/Damroll.
While in Evolve Solar Onyx, your damage reduction will be increased to / 1.08 base and / 2.25 with Fortify Skin.
While in Evolve Solar Onyx, your PL regen rate will be increased from 6 am to 6 pm.
While in Evolve Solar Onyx, your KI regen rate will be increased from 7 pm to 5 am.
Saiba Transform using the Evolve command.

Bonuses and Skill Upgrades
PL: 5, KI: 5 Random Pl/Ki Gains on Mob kills
Saibas can absorb Acid Spray, when absorbed it will restore some of their PL and KI.
Saibas cannot be poisoned by the skill or by poisoned food.
Saibas receive increased PL when healed by a Kanassan due to the water nature of their healing.

Skill Upgrades in Sapphire: Eraser Cannon.
Skill Upgrades in Ruby: Renzo Energy Dan.
Skill Upgrades in Diamond: Gemstone Barrage and learn Toxic Spit.
Skill Upgrades in Star Sapphire: Corrosive Claw and Kakusandan.
Skill Upgrades in Solar Onyx: Acid Spray.

Shield Block
Level 1-4,999: 09% shield block
Level 5,000-14,999: 10% shield block
Level 15,000-29,999: 11% shield block
Level 30,000-49,999: 12% shield block
Level 50,000-74,999: 14% shield block
Level 75,000+: 16% shield block

While in Evolve Diamond, you'll get a 30,000 damage bonus to Claw weapons.
Saibas above level 500 get a 2,500 damage bonus to Stabbing weapons.

Unlocked at level 500 see this page for more info.

Assassin: Corrosive Claw and Acid Spray do more damage if your target is below 50% pl, +2% melee hit rate

Rogue: Eraser Cannon/Corrosive Claw do more damage to poisoned targets and increased High Tension damage

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