Shocking Ball

Races that can Learn this

Shocking Ball is a weaker version of Vanishing Ball that was created by
Majin Buu. Unlike Vanishing Ball, Shocking Ball is infused with electrical
energy that is able to shock its target for another hit. Using Shocking Ball
while in Morph Pure will give you a rare chance to learn Vanishing Ball.

Shocking Ball does increased damage if your target has 95 Rage or lower.(int*1,000 + level)
Shocking Ball has a 1/8 chance to activate High Tension when used.
Shocking Ball can give [Pl +2] [Ki +3] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage(first hit): str * 1,200 + int * 800 + level
Base Damage(second hit): str * 1,400 + int * 1,200 + level * 2
Morph Pure Damage(first hit): str * 1,750 + int * 2,000 + level
Morph Pure Damage(second hit): str * 2,800 + int * 1,700 + level * 2

Ki Cost
Ki Cost(first hit): 10,000
Base Ki Cost(second hit): 25,000
Morph Pure Ki Cost(second hit): 35,000

<Syntax> Shocking <target>

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