Solar Kamehameha

Races that can Learn this

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This is a very powerful ki attack that infuses the power of the sun or a
nearby star to increase its damage. Unlike a normal Kamehameha, the ki beam is
bright yellow and is capable of burning its target. The only way to learn this
skill is to fight Beyond Perfect Cell and have him use it on you with a rare
chance of learning it.

During the hours of 8 am and 6 pm, Solar Kamehameha will do increased damage.(str*1,500)
Solar Kamehameha has a 1/3 chance on use to enter High Tension mode when upgraded.
Solar Kamehameha can give [Pl +1] [Ki +3] on use.

Damage Formula

Base Damage: str * 1,200 + int * 200 + level
Level 50k+ Damage: str * 1,800 + int * 700 + level

Ki Cost

Base Ki Cost: 9,000
Level 50k+ Ki Cost: 12,500

<syntax> Solarkamehameha <mob/player name>

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