Spirit Ball

Races that can Learn this

Spirit Ball is a homing attack that is fully controlled by the user. It is
a possible two-hit KD for humans and changelings, and upgrades for humans in their
Ascended form.

Spirit Ball has a chance to hit again at half damage dependent upon your Critical %.
Spirit Ball's second hit will cost half the KI cost of the first hit.
Spirit Ball's second hit will not activate if your target's PL is lower than the second hit's damage.
Changelings using Spirit Ball have a 1/8 chance to activate High Tension.
Spirit Ball's first hit does increased damage if you're in Focused Mind and have 100 Focus.(int*1,000 + level)
Spirit Ball can give [Pl +2] [Ki +3] on use.

Damage Formula
Changeling Base Damage: str * 2,300 + cha * 1,050 + level * 2
Human Base Damage: str * 1,600 + cha * 600 + level * 2
Shuman Ascended Damage: str * 2,650 + cha * 1,500 + level * 2

Ki Cost
Changeling Base Ki Cost: 15,000
Human Base Ki Cost: 11,200
Shuman Ascended Ki Cost: 24,000

<Syntax> spiritball <target>

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