Spirit Bomb

Races that can Learn this

This is the most powerful move at several races disposal, it can only be
formed by the pure of heart, and is formed by gathering the energy
of every living thing around a body, including nature, the planet, people, and
insubstantial life forms. They all lend some part of their energy to the
former of the deadly attack. The energy then is formed into a ball
and then can be controlled by the handler. The attack takes a lot of energy
from the former, so be cautious of using this attack as it will drain you

You have to be nice to use Spirit Bomb, check status to see your karma.
You gain some good karma everytime you use this skill.
Spirit Bomb does increased damage to MOBs/players with Mean Karma or below.(str*1,000 + level)
Humans with Nice Karma or higher using Spirit Bomb do increased damage.(str*1,000 + level)
Spirit Bomb can give [Pl +2] [Ki +3] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 2,000 + cha * 1,100 + level * 2
Skaio Elder Mystic Damage: str * 3,900 + cha * 1,700 + level * 2

Spirit Bomb can hit up to 4 times, it depends on your DEX.
Spirit Bomb's damage formula also includes other variables not included above.

Ki Cost
Required Ki: 50,000
Ki Cost Per Hit: 10,000

<Syntax> Spiritbomb <target>

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