Races that can Learn this

This skill uses your tail to hit the enemy, damage and accuracy is based
upon your lower body strength. When used, it will knockdown your target and
cause a moderate amount of damage. In Rp, your tail can be used for
submissions and as a fifth attacking limb that does normal physical damage.

When you reach Demi-God rank, your Tailwhip does increased damage.(str*200)
Tailwhip can give [Pl +1] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 50 + lbs * 100 + level + 1,000 / 5
High Tension Damage: str * 100 + lbs * 200 + level * 2.5

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 100
High Tension Ki Cost: level / 10

<Syntax> tailwhip <target>

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