Tidal Wave Kick

Races that can Learn this

Tidal Wave Kick is a powerful lower body attack that calls upon the powers
of the ocean to create a massive attack that's similar to a tidal wave when hit
by it. The water from the surrounding area is drawn in and focused around the
user's foot to increase the force of the attack. Lower body Strength is used
to determine the accuracy and it is a slight factor in damage.

During the hours of 8 pm through 5 am, Tidal Wave Kick will do increased damage.(str*400)
Tidal Wave Kick does increased damage to anyone affected by Glacial Freeze.(str*500)
Tidal Wave Kick can give [Ki +2] on use.
Icers using Tidal Wave Kick while in Rune Cybernetic gives you a small chance to learn Sauzer Blade.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 950 + lbs * 200 + level
Skanassan Pure/Rune Cybernetic Damage: str * 2,800 + lbs * 300 + level

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 800
Skanassan Pure/Rune Cybernetic Ki Cost: 5,500

<syntax> tidalwavekick <mob/player name>

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