Races that can Learn this

Tsunami is a powerful water attack that creates a massive tidal wave of
water that destroys everything in its path. Kanassans are the only known race
able to control this much water in such a destructive force. Other kanassans
usually can swim through a Tsunami when attacked with one.

During the hours of 8 pm through 5 am, Tsunami will do increased damage.(str*1,000)
Tsunami does increased damage to anyone affected by Glacial Freeze.(str*2,500 + level)
Tsunami can give [Pl +1] [Ki +4] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 1,400 + int * 620 + level * 2
Skanassan Revival Damage: str * 3,650 + int * 1,400 + level * 2
Can hit up to 4 times, it depends on your DEX.
Tsunami's damage formula also includes other variables not included above.

Ki Cost
Required Ki: 50,000
Ki Cost Per Hit: 10,000

<Syntax> tsunami <target>

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