Twin Tiger Slash

Races that can Learn this

Twin Tiger Slash is an extremely powerful slashing area attack that only Konatsus are able to use. This attack is known for the twin tigers that seem to dance around their prey as the user continues to unleash a flurry of slashing attacks. Only 3 targets in the direct path of Twin Tiger Slash can be hit.

Twin Tiger Slash will not work on any other players, even if they're Bloodlust.
Twin Tiger Slash requires you to wield a slashing type weapon to use.
Twin Tiger Slash does increased damage if you have your Tiger Spirit learned.(str*800)
Twin Tiger Slash does increased damage if you have Brave Cannon learned.(cha*400)
Twin Tiger Slash does increased damage and has a 50% chance to hit an extra target if you're affected by Healing Song.(hitroll*50)

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 600 + int * 350 + level
Skonatsu Shadow Damage: str * 1,650 + int * 850 + level

Ki Cost
Base Ki Cost: 10,000 ki per target hit

<syntax> twintigerslash <Target not required, skill is an aoe>

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