Universal Spirit Bomb

Races that can Learn this


Universal Spirit Bomb is a ki attack where a purehearted user has gained
clarity to the workings of the universe. This connection allows the user to
gather the energy from any life form, planet, star within the known galaxy and
form it into a massive ball of energy to be hurled at the enemy with
devastating effect. To use this attack, one must be of pure heart and it is
also rumored that only true Saints can bring forth the true power of the
attack. Humans and Kaios have a rare chance to learn Universal Spirit Bomb when
using Spirit Bomb.


Universal Spirit Bomb has a 5% penalty to its accuracy.
Universal Spirit Bomb does bonus damage dependent upon your karma.(karma*30)
Universal Spirit Bomb gets bonus damage from Focused Mind, your level * 3 but with an extra half round of lag.

Damage Formula

Base Damage: str * 3,200 + int * 600 + cha * 700 + level * 2
Shuman Ascended Damage: 5,500 + int * 1,000 + cha * 1,300 + level * 2
Skaio Elder Mystic Damage: 5,500 + int * 1,000 + cha * 1,300 + level * 2

Universal Spirit Bomb's damage formula also includes other variables not included above.
Universal Spirit Bomb can hit up to 5 times and no less than 3, it depends on your DEX.

Ki Cost

Required Ki: 325,000
Ki Cost Per Hit: 65,000

<Syntax> Universalspiritbomb <target>

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