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If used successfully, the user of this attack can bash an opponent with their fist. Uppercut tends to hit Majins more than roundhouse. Damage and accuracy are decided by Upper Body Strength. If you have high dexterity, you can get a combo bonus and uppercut has a better chance of getting a combo bonus compared to roundhouse.

When you reach Demi-God rank, your Uppercut does increased damage.(str*1,000)
Kaios in Kaioken do increased damage with Uppercut.(level 1: damroll * 50, + damroll * 25 levels 2-5)
Uppercuts that are not High Tension or Criticals have a 5% chance to get half lag.
Uppercut can give [Pl +1] on use.

Damage Formula
Uppercut Base Damage: str * 80 + ubs * 100 + level + 1,000 / 4
High Tension Uppercut Damage: str * 2,200 + ubs * 1,000 + level * 2.5

Ki Cost
High Tension Uppercut Ki Cost: level / 7

<syntax> uppercut <player/mob name>

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